2021 State Contest Updates

Registration opens March 1st and closes March 24th. $75 per contestant.

Late registrations will be charged $25 per student:  www.skillsusa-register.org

Students must be joined and paid members to register for state contest.

District contest invoices must be paid prior to April 2nd in order for students to compete.

UPDATE on Technical Information Testing: Students that competed in the district qualifying test are eligible this year to take the technical test that coordinates with the technical skill they competed in at the district level. Students will be allowed to take only ONE technical information test.
Students that did not compete in the district qualifying test may take one of the technical skilled open tests. This is also open to students that competed at District in 2020 and were not able to advance due to the State contest being canceled. This has been put in place for the 2021 competition year only. Students may take one Technical Information open test only. Students must be members by March 1st to take part in these tests.

All competitions will be virtual. Details on contest format can be found here: http://www.skillsusatx.org/virtual-meetings/

Online testing calendar for Apr 5-Apr 25th will be posted at http://www.skillsusatx.org/virtual-meetings/

2021 Job exhibits will only be judged at State, check Texas Regulations for details on notebook upload process. Job exhibit notebooks upload deadline is April 2nd.

Opening session is April 2nd online. Closing sessions is April 30th online.

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