Chapter Excellence Tools for Successful SkillsUSA Programs

The Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) recognizes achievement as it relates to the integration of the SkillsUSA Framework in chapter Program of Work (PoW) activities.

Every chapter is encouraged to participate in CEP, and there are three award levels to recognize program involvement. The first two levels are acknowledged by a chapter’s state association and the third level is recognized nationally. Each level is designed to give chapters a benchmark for success and future improvement, leading to stronger chapters and more prepared students.

As a chapter’s yearly action plan, the Program of Work is at the heart of student learning and employability skills development. By using the Framework as a guide, chapters have a blueprint for creating relevant activities that encourage participation and foster an understanding of the student learning attained during each activity. The Framework’s focus on intentional learning turns the Program of Work into more than just a planning tool.

Resources, templates, planning tools, teacher guides and more are online at Even better, schedule a one-on-one coaching session with our CEP and PoW coach, Kelli Engelbrecht.  Learn how to integrate the SkillsUSA Framework, articulate your SMART goals and select and evaluate your Essential Elements within your CEP application. Reach out to Kelli to schedule a time to meet (

For questions or help, call or email the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team: 844-875-4557 or [email protected].

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