Job Exhibits

High School and Middle School Division

  • 2021 Job exhibits will be judged at the state level only.  Students do not need to register at the district level for job exhibit competition.
  • Students may register as an individual, multiple or chapter exhibit.  In order for each student in a multiple or chapter exhibit to receive a ribbon they must be registered.
  • Notebook specifications have been “beefed up” for the virtual notebook.  You will find that information in the Texas Regulations.
  • Job exhibit notebooks will be uploaded to Schoology starting March 29th, deadline to upload this notebook is April 2nd.  Access to Schoology to upload this information will be sent to the student and advisor after registrations has closed.
  • Job Exhibit Notebook Sample
Cluster:  Architecture & Construction
 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
 Architectural Drafting – Hand Drawn
 Building Trades
 CAD – Architectural Drafting
 CAD – Technical Drafting
 Commercial Wiring
 Innovative Architecture & Construction
Interior Design
 Residential Wiring ( Electrical Trades)
 Technical Drafting – Hand Drawn
Photo Panel
 Cluster:  Arts, A/V Technology and Communications
 Advertising Design
 Advertising Design – Campaign
 Advertising Design – Illustration Job exhibits
 Animation 3D
 Animation Technology
 Commercial Photography
 Commercial Photography DIGITAL
 Commercial Photography PORTRAIT
 Graphics Communication
 Innovative Arts, A/V Technology and Communications
 Radio (Audio) Production
 TV (Video) Production
 Photo Panel
 Web Page Design
Cluster:  Hospitality & Tourism
 Commercial Baking
 Culinary Arts
 Innovative Hospitality & Tourism
 Photo Panels
Cluster: Human Services
 Cosmetology Innovative
 Cosmetology Mannequins
 Cosmetology Nails
 Cosmetology – Salons
 Photo Panels
 Fashion Design
Cluster: Information Technology
 Computer Maintenance Technology
 Innovative Information Technology
 Web Page Design
 Photo Panels
Cluster: Law, Public Safety Corrections & Security
 Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Display Panel
 Innovative Law, Public Safety Corrections & Security
Cluster: Manufacturing
 Innovative Manufacturing
 Precision Machining
 Welding Furniture
 Welding General
 Welding Pits
 Welding Trailers
 Photo Panel
Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
 Electronic Technology
 Innovative STEM
 Engineering Related Design
 Internet Working
 Photo Panel
 Electronic Kits
Cluster: Transportation Distribution & Logistics
 Auto Service Technology
 Collision Repair Custom
 Collision Repair Tech
 Diesel Equipment Tech
 Innovative Transportation Distribution & Logistics
 Motorcycle Technology
 Power Equipment Technology