Job Exhibits

High School and Middle School Division

These are exhibited at the district and state level only. Rating sheets may be found in the Texas Regulations

Cluster:  Architecture & Construction
 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
 Architectural Drafting – Hand Drawn
 Building Trades
 CAD – Architectural Drafting
 CAD – Technical Drafting
 Commercial Wiring
 Innovative Architecture & Construction
Interior Design
 Residential Wiring ( Electrical Trades)
 Technical Drafting – Hand Drawn
Photo Panel
 Cluster:  Arts, A/V Technology and Communications
 Advertising Design
 Advertising Design – Campaign
 Advertising Design – Illustration Job exhibits
 Animation 3D
 Animation Technology
 Commercial Photography
 Commercial Photography DIGITAL
 Commercial Photography PORTRAIT
 Graphics Communication
 Innovative Arts, A/V Technology and Communications
 Radio (Audio) Production
 TV (Video) Production
 Photo Panel
 Web Page Design
Cluster:  Hospitality & Tourism
 Commercial Baking
 Culinary Arts
 Innovative Hospitality & Tourism
 Photo Panels
Cluster: Human Services
 Cosmetology Innovative
 Cosmetology Mannequins
 Cosmetology Nails
 Cosmetology – Salons
 Photo Panels
 Fashion Design
Cluster: Information Technology
 Computer Maintenance Technology
 Innovative Information Technology
 Web Page Design
 Photo Panels
Cluster: Law, Public Safety Corrections & Security
 Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Display Panel
 Innovative Law, Public Safety Corrections & Security
Cluster: Manufacturing
 Innovative Manufacturing
 Precision Machining
 Welding Furniture
 Welding General
 Welding Pits
 Welding Trailers
 Photo Panel
Cluster: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
 Electronic Technology
 Innovative STEM
 Engineering Related Design
 Internet Working
 Photo Panel
 Electronic Kits
Cluster: Transportation Distribution & Logistics
 Auto Service Technology
 Collision Repair Custom
 Collision Repair Tech
 Diesel Equipment Tech
 Innovative Transportation Distribution & Logistics
 Motorcycle Technology
 Power Equipment Technology