Middle School Programs

The Middle School Division will work under the State Board of Directors for the High School/Secondary Division.  Middle school and high school are both considered secondary division.  Regulations for middle school are found in the Texas Regulations or the national technical standards.

Membership  information may be found on the national web site at www.skillsusa-register.org.  Middle schools will need to do the following to start your affiliation with SkillsUSA.  This information is also found on the national web page at www.skillsusa-register.org search for middle school to find it easily.

1.  Secure Support from your school administration.

2.  Connect to your state SkillsUSA director.

3.  Incorporate SkillsUSA into your classroom.

4.  Create awareness by showing the SkillsUSA kickoff video from www.youtube.com/user/skillsusaofficial

5.  Select your first meeting date and advertise the meeting.

6.  Hold officer elections.

7.  Introduce SkillsUSA Chapter Excellence Program.

8.  Show membership PowerPoint, http://skillsusa.org/programs/middle-school/.

9.  Include administrators in your early chapter success.

10.  Register yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA.

Add your school to the national database by completing the Petition for Chapter found here. SkillsUSA Chapter Charter Application

Each school will also need a constitution or bylaws.  A template may be found here.  Local Constitution Template  Be sure to make changes to reflect your school.

Next,   Submit your membership on the membership page at www.skillsusa.org-register and complete the Petition for Texas Chapter.