SkillsUSA Shoe Drive Saves Lives Through Safe Water

SkillsUSA is once again partnering with internationally recognized nonprofit WaterStep to help save lives through safe water. WaterStep collects and sells gently-used shoes to fund water projects around the world.  This partnership was highlighted in the Spring 2018 SkillsUSA Champions magazine, “Turning Shoes into Clean Water.”  See:

SkillsUSA encourages each student and advisor coming to Louisville to bring just one pair of shoes to conference to donate to this worthy cause. Please pass this request along to your delegation.

For more information, go to: Watch this video to learn more about the WaterStep shoe program:,AAAB2oUxGjE~,utVw2c5hsy-toSRZ-5n964-ATUIy2fgD&bctid=4522271076001.

Written by

Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas