In today’s world, it’s not enough for students to have technical skills. If they want to advance their career potential and compete in today’s job market, they need to stand out, be distinct and be a step ahead. That’s a tall order. As an instructor, how can you ensure your students are career-ready?

Here’s how. We are excited to announce the SkillsUSA Career Essentials suite.  (This will replace the PDP)

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Courtney Ferrell, Program Manager, Office of Education, SkillsUSA will be presenting a training session at the TIVA Professional Development Conference on July 16, 2017 at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving Texas introducing the Career Essentials Suite to our Texas Advisors. You will also receive information regarding the SkillsUSA Framework and how it is integral to your program.

Resources to be distributed include:

  • Career Essentials: Foundations (CRC) booklets
  • Career Essentials: Experiences Instructor Guide


For more information regarding the SkillsUSA Framework visit

The Career Essentials Suite was introduced this year at the National Leadership Skills Championships. For more information regarding this new curriculum go to

The session will allow 30 participants. You’ll need to bring a laptop that has Adobe Flash layer installed and is internet connectable.

If you have questions call Janet at 800-444-2297


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Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas