2017 Contest Verification

The 2017 contest tabulation period is over.  I have a few more tabulation concerns to investigate after which the 2017 national contest eligibility letters will be arriving in your advisor’s email inbox.

As stated on the verification page, the grievance period was during the state conference on Saturday, April 8th and no grievance will be nor can it be addressed at this time.  Grievances must indicate a rule that has been broken and if that is brought to our attention during the competition it can be addressed in “real time”.  After the contest has concluded it is difficult if not impossible to address.  However, if you have a concern about your competition I invite you to complete a resolution/grievance form found in the Texas Regulations so that our contest technical committee may address at the fall meeting.


Janet Conner, SkillsUSA Texas

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Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas