Virtual Resources

February 26, 2021

Make up testing dates for students that were not able to log in at their scheduled time, are being posted in their Schoology Courses.  Students will use the same access information received in the registration letter. The final day for testing was Fri Feb 25th.

Award ceremonies will be postponed until Monday, Mar 1st. The recorded awards ceremony for each district will be posted on that district’s page. Some districts that experienced more lengthy weather challenges may be delayed until Mar 2nd – we will post updates as we compile scores.


Contest Resources - i.e. digital emblem, contest format, test source information.

CareerSafe Resources

 State Technical Information Test Orientation Video - ALL contestants should watch this video prior to their testing date.

State Contest Calendar: schedule by day

State Contest List:  schedule by name

2021 Job Exhibits will upload the PDF in Schoology for judging.

2021 Liability Insurance Form


2021 District Officer Applications due Mar 1st

Advisor of the Year Nominations due Mar 8th

2021 State Officer Applications due Mar 22nd

Memorial Scholarship Applications due Mar 26th

Outstanding Member Scholarship Applications due Mar 26th


Fall Leadership Sessions  Available until May 31, 2021


Town Hall Meetings

SkillsUSA Texas is dedicated to communicating with our members, and during this time of the global pandemic, we want to keep our members informed with the opportunities available to our members. Below you will find links to past, current, and future Town Hall Zoom meetings.

SkillsUSA Texas Schoology

SkillsUSA Texas will be utilizing Schoology Learning Management Systems as our platform to bring you virtual resources, such as our Fall Leadership Conference, Training Webinars, Chapter Management Webinars, and much more.

Access codes or invitations to courses will be emailed to members after registering for membership or certain events.

How to Sign Into Schoology

Go to Go to sign up. Advisors will start an account in Schoology as a student. You will enter course access code. Fill out the form with your information and click register.

If you already have a Schoology account

Log into your Schoology Account. Go to COURSES at the top of your page. Under Manage Courses click Join a Course. You will enter the access code you receive. Or you can join your District Advisor Group. Go to GROUP at the top of the page. Go to My Groups and click Join a Group. Ask your district director for your district group access code.

Schoology Group Access Code:  Contact your district director. This group is not in the same course as Fall Leadership, District or State Contest.

Schoology App

Schoology has an app that you can use on your phone or tablet.

Schoology Notifications

Make sure you turn on notifications so you can see updates, etc. Top right hand corner of the course page.

Schoology Calendar

Make sure when you create your account that you link your calendar so you can see your assignments and other events on your calendar. Click on the drop down menu for your name in top right hand corner and choose settings. Under account settings you will see Share your Schoology Calendar. You can add Schoology events to your calendar with a URL link.

Connect_wSubDomainSkillsUSA Connect

SkillsUSA is unveiling the new SkillsUSA Connect Portal that will give student and teacher members access to SkillsUSA training, tool kits, webinars and more. Follow this link to access the SkillsUSA Connect Portal. You can access SkillsUSA Connect here.  For registration PDF file instructions click here.  For a Video Tutorial Click Here. 


Internet Speed Testing

The minimum recommended internet bandwidth speeds for joining Zoom meetings, accessing On-Demand curriculum and other online operations is 2.0 Mbps up and down. You can test your current internet speeds by following this link. Allow the page to load, and click on GO.