State Contest Schedule

I have uploaded a new 2018 Contest Schedule.  There are some changes that will effect many of you.  Please be sure to check it, print it and keep it with you.  You should also print your Registration Summary from the registration site so that you have a list of your students and which contests they are registered.  Please be aware if your student was not eligible to compete in a competition in accordance with the district contest results and the Texas Regulations we have corrected their registration.  The conference APP should be available in your app store.  Be sure to uninstall 2017 before you install 2018.  When looking at the APP be sure you are looking at the correct category.  For example if you search “Automotive”  you may be looking at automotive job exhibits, technical test, or skill competition.  Be sure to look at the correct category.

Written by

Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas