SkillsUSA Has Some Impressive Social Media Stats

This fiscal year, SkillsUSA made 4.9 million impressions across social media platforms. Here are statistics for our social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as of Aug. 21:

  • Of the three career and technical student organizations most active on Facebook (SkillsUSA, FFA and DECA), SkillsUSA currently holds the second largest following of any CTSO. SkillsUSA continues to grow fans/followers at the highest percentage rate, even outpacing FFA’s total percentage growth (9.3 percent vs. 1.9 percent).
  • Facebook — This year, SkillsUSA’s Facebook impressions reached a record-breaking 3.7 million impressions with 75,900 engagements on our posts. Our most popular Facebook post for the fiscal year was a post about The Hechinger Report on the need for more people in skilled trades, which reached over 74,200 people. On average, our Facebook posts reach 5,585 people per day. Our Facebook videos reached a total of 257,100 views.
  • Twitter — SkillsUSA’s Twitter impressions reached a total of 1.2 million in this fiscal year. Our most popular tweet was during CTE Month and was Kayleen McCabe’s PSA video, which reached 51,600 people. Our Twitter impressions are up by 24 percent this fiscal year.
  • Instagram — SkillsUSA’s Instagram impressions totaled 698,900, and our Instagram followers went up by 36.5 percent this fiscal year. Our post likes were over 29,500 for the year. Our most liked post was a photo of the cake commemorating SkillsUSA Week. Our total impressions for Instagram are up 122.5 percent since last year.

Written by

Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas