Starting your SkillsUSA Chapter

These documents need to be completed for a new chapter.  If you believe there’s already a chapter established for your school or program give us a call so we are able to research for your school.  800-444-2297 Click on document name to download.  This information is also found in the New Teacher / New Chapter document

  1. Application for Chapter Charter  & Local Constitution Template ( Just one for each school.)
  2. SkillsUSA Registration Page (Register students to be able to complete the Texas Chapter application.)
  3.  Petition for Texas Chapter application(Student Officers with membership on the registration roster at  needed to be able to apply for Texas Chapter.)

 Electing Officers Video

Take a Look at Your SkillsUSA Educational Resources
 Parent Information
Reminder: You must have a minimum of 7 students registered and paid membership in a chapter in order to be assigned a chapter number. If the students are just registered but not joined you will not able to receive a chapter number.
Helpful Hint: If you are a new advisor, replacing someone for an exisiting chapter please notify so we can update the records.
Membership: Each school year membership for your chapter will need to be updated showing dues are paid and your roster is accurate with students for the coming year.