Membership Kits

Membership Kits Target Specific Market Segments

SkillsUSA membership kits have been mailed to all chapters that affiliated with SkillsUSA last year. Extra kits have been mailed to all state SkillsUSA offices.

There are three unique membership kits, one for middle schools, one for high schools and one for college/postsecondary programs. Each kit contains three posters, a registration brochure and membership cards. The chapter management guide has information on establishing a chapter, engaging students in chapter activities, tools for recruitment, lesson plans, programs, scholarship and recognition opportunities and educational resources.

If you need additional kits sent to you or to a school, call the SkillsUSA membership hotline at 844-875-4557. Staff can explain how to start a new chapter, help with membership or registration questions, provide ideas to strengthen and grow an existing chapter, and more. All 2018-19 membership materials can be downloaded at:

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Executive Director, SkillsUSA Texas